About me and my books

czech writerAbout me and my books

I am a psychologist, therapist and author of academic as well as popular psychology articles, essays, short stories and books – especially speculative fiction and informational books for children.
I’m a contributor of many Czech papers and magazines such as “Psychologie Dnes”, “Sociální služby”,“XB-1”, “E 15”, and others. After finishing her degree in psychology at the Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic, I started working as a therapist for people with physical disabilities in one of the largest care centers in the country. The Kocianka institute provides education, housing, rehabilitation, social welfare and versatile professional care. I had always considered helping people and integrating them in society to be the meaning of her work.

I had initially specialized in counseling and psychological assessment of young people with disabilities, worked on a helpline for children and adolescents, in online psychological consulting and several EU projects. After I had children, I had developed her greatest hobby, writing, into a second job. I currently work as a private psychologist, therapist and professional consultant.

How it all began

In fall 2015, I published my first children’s book “Pirate named Champagne” (“Pirát jménem Šampaňský”).  In 2016, I published another book titled “How The Brain Works” or “How the human mind works” (“Jak to chodí v lidské hlavě”), a popular psychology book for children. After that, in 2017 I published another kids book “Lukas and professor Neptune” (“Lukáš a profesor Neptun“) and year after it was a book “My brother Tornado” (“Můj brácha Tornádo”).

Next book was “Bibu” – multilingual ebook, published on Amazon in english, french, spanish, german and italian (you can buy it here). Then followed “Real ninja rules” (“Pravidla skutečných ninjů”), “How to avoid trouble” (“Jak se dostat z maléru”) and “The biggest klutz under the sun” (“Největší nemehlo pod sluncem”).

czech kids book Pirate named ChampagneA pirate named Champagne

Little George would like to play with friends but he hasn‘t made any yet. That‘s why he summons a pirate ship with a captain and a talking parrot to a housing estate where he lives. The ship is remarkable: it can sail even though there‘s no sea around. Thanks to its arrival, George befriends two other boys, they join the pirate ship and experience many unexpected wonderful adventures. They will encounter a mysterious monster in the cellar during a whaling expedition and meet sharks in the living room. A modern tale about miracles happening truly everywhere – one just needs to notice them.

czech book about psychology for children How the brain worksHow the human brain works

The book presents basic psychology insights to children in an entertaining way, so that they are fun to read and comprehensible even for the youngest readers. The chapters are focused on our perception, emotions and feelings, attention, memory, learning, etc. A story of a boy named Phillip permeates the text, adding new thematic information in a fun way. The readers are guided through the book by the brain of Filip – the main character.
The book is primarily intended for school children, but their parents and teachers will appreciate it as well.

Petra Štarková is a psychologist, author of articles, short stories, feuilletons, and fairy tales. She has published in a number of magazines, including Psychology Today, and lectures in schools.


book writen by czech writer about autism for kidsLukas and profesor Neptune

The book “Lukas and Professor Neptune” is about stars, alien planets, autism, and most importantly, about Lukas. He is nine years, two months, and four days old, loves astronomy, and is in the third grade. To help him learn with other children, his education assistant Anetka is always there. But one day, Anetka doesn’t show up at school! What now? The most adventurous day in Lukáš’s life begins! Was published in 2017 in the largest czech publisher house Albatrosmedia. By this book started book edition “It’s tricky”.

czech book for kids about ADHDMy brother Tornado

My name is Julie and I am nine years old. I would like to tell you a story about myself, my parents, my friends, but most importantly about my brother. His name is Jonáš and he’s in my class, even though he’s older. He has ADHD. Sometimes it seems to me that he behaves like a tornado. He can’t sit still, instead of walking, he runs, and everything falls from his hands. But running, he can do really fast, after all, he is a member of the sports team Tornado! The book by psychologist Petra Štarková is the third title in the series ‘It’s Tricky’, which helps children and parents deal with life problems and complex situations. Thus, these books can be an inspiration and encouragement to all readers who have to cope with some ‘tricky’ situations. (Published by Albatros and Pasparta in 2018)

czech woman writer Pravidla-skutečných-ninjůReal ninjas rules

A new boy came to the class, bringing a lot of problems with him. He doesn’t talk to anyone, swears rudely, and even gets into fights. His classmates realize that dealing with him won’t be easy. But Ivoš himself is not having an easy time either. Fortunately, there’s Lenka, a social worker skilled in martial arts. Thanks to her and a book about ninjas, Ivoš becomes a follower of the art of ancient warriors. He learns that problems are not solved by running away or fighting. Can he eventually face them like a true ninja? (Published by Albatrosmedia and Pasparta in 2019)

The book has also already been published as an audiobook. In 2023 it was released again under the same title.

 succesfull czech author of kids booksHow to avoid trouble

Do you think it’s impossible for normal boys to unwittingly become criminals sought by the police one day? It just happened to Standa, Roman, and Štěpán. They decided to hide something that belongs to one of them. Or does it no longer belong? The boys don’t yet realize that their ignorance has caused a heap of problems not only for themselves but also for those around them. A whirlwind of misunderstandings, troubles, and worries begins. The only way out of this mess is to understand how the state we all live in works and to start following its rules. And conversely: not to be afraid to seek and accept the state’s help where it is needed.

Alongside the engaging story of the three friends, the book provides simple and understandable basic information about, for example, what savings and debts are, which payments are mandatory and which services we can do without, how state assistance looks, what social services are, how the police work, what execution is, and what it looks like in court. The book is intended for all (responsible) citizens from 8 to 100 years old. (Published by Portal 2020)

motivační kniha pro děti succesfull czech author of kids booksThe biggest klutz under the sun

What do you do when you feel like you can’t do anything right?”

Bára feels like the biggest klutz under the sun. But what can she do when everything slips through her fingers? Can a clumsy girl, who never seems to succeed and trips even on flat ground, have a great holiday, and moreover, take care of her grandfather and all his animals all by herself? Everyone feels clumsy at times. But some feel this way all the time. Bára’s hands and feet are awkward, and even though she tries, it’s hard to change that. Yet, Bára is still a wonderful girl and friend.” (Albatrosmedia and Pasparta 2022)


My books have been awarded several times – they have received the SUK Award, VVZPO Award, and the Golden Ribbon.